04.02.2021 Press release

How can buildings, industries, and infrastructure meet the ambitious EU climate regulations? How can digitalisation and building technology help achieve sustainability targets?

Is my building safe, attractive and user-friendly?  

These questions and many more are high up on the agenda of investors, building owners, tenants and occupants, and just a few of the topics that Caverion is covering on their new website, caverion.com.  



Buildings are an integral part of our society, providing shelter, security, and healthy work environments for the people they serve; industry and infrastructure are the backbones of our everyday life. However, according to UN estimates, cities are responsible for over 70% of global CO2 emissions. Industrial sites, transport, and buildings are amongst the largest contributors. This poses an immense challenge and need for action to all parties involved. 

"Focusing on making our urban environments more sustainable is the biggest lever we have to mitigate climate change and to provide healthy living and working environments for generations to come," comments Ines Pettigrew, VP of Marketing, CX & Sales in Caverion Group.  

How buildings and industry can be the game-changers in sustainability  

These needs are very different than in the past. Utilising digitalisation and innovative smart technology can shape the building's performance in a carbon-neutral and human-centric way throughout its entire lifecycle. For industrial owners, optimising production, quality and usability with the help of planned predictive maintenance, IoT solutions and planned lifecycle projects is a key requirement. 

There are many challenges - on Caverion's new website, we welcome you to explore how they can be approached and solved in many different scenarios, from power plants to hospitals, data centres to sports arenas, and business facilities to kindergartens. Caverion is committed to fighting climate change and has set its own ambitious sustainability target: by 2030 the company's positive climate impact will be 10 times higher than its own footprint. More about this journey can also be found on caverion.com.

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