Ground source heat pumps

A heating system based on a ground source heat pump utilises geothermal heat to heat buildings and hot water. A geothermal heating system is an environmentally friendly alternative to other systems, such as heating oil based heating systems. We offer ground source heat pumps for new buildings and renovation projects in all areas, particularly those where district heating is not available.

Eco-friendly and economical

Geothermal heating is an energy-efficient and ecological solution and saves money. It is also a great solution for meeting the requirements of the ever tightening energy regulations. The same system can also be used for cooling. Free cooling is an ecological cooling solution which enables the use of the cooling capacity of a geothermal heating system for cooling a building.

Hybrid system combines district heating and geothermal heating

We provide hybrid system solutions comprised of district heating and geothermal heating. A hybrid system is particularly suitable for large buildings with separate underfloor heating areas.

Measuring the viability of geothermal heating

Energy estimation is a method that can be used for comparing the different heating systems, their viability and suitability for the building. It is based on software that simulates the energy use of the building and calculates, among other things, the payback period for the investment.