District Heating– build and maintain a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly system

Meeting sustainability targets in economically viable ways has become increasingly important in recent years. The demand for environmentally friendly energy solutions is high. District heating can be an energy efficient heating solution, as recognised by the EU. When expanding or renovating an existing district heating network, choosing an experienced partner can help increase efficiency.

Increase the efficiency of district heating with adjustments

District heating utilises the thermal energy generated as a by-product in power plants, which minimises energy loss. There are several ways to optimise both existing and new networks, so your customers can enjoy all the benefits of modern district heating. As an example, measuring and adjusting the contracted water flow within the district heating pipes can result in considerable savings, as it helps to optimise the contracted power.

Rely on experience in building and installing district heating

The optimal district heating system offers comfort in an affordable and eco-friendly way. With our years of experience in district heating, we can make the delivery of heat ecological and energy efficient by engineering and constructing a modern district heating network.

We take responsibility of your district heating network by offering renovation, facilitation and maintenance on your district heating centres and heat exchange packages. We can build a flexible grid and help you and your customers benefit from demand response.

Our expertise includes:

  • overhauls of district heating centres
  • overhauls of heat exchangers
  • adjustments of contracted water flows
  • Bring comfort for your customers and ensure functioning, cost efficiency, scalable district heating solutions.

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