Envac is a modern and ecological waste collection system

Envac is an automatic vacuum waste collection system for the clean and invisible collection of waste from urban areas through pneumatic underground pipes. The system eliminates waste collection traffic from the streets. It is invisible, odourless and fully automatic.

With Envac, it is possible to create a clean, pleasant and efficient environment for residential houses, offices, hospitals and airports, to name just a few examples. In addition, the system’s operating  and maintenance costs are lower than those of conventional waste collection methods.  

The Envac waste collection system consists of inlets, transfer pipes and a waste collection station. Users throw their waste into inlets which are emptied automatically one waste type at a time. The waste is then transported through the pipe system to the waste collection station  where locates the waste containers, the vacuum-generating unit and the control centre. Each waste type has a container of its own. When a container is full, it is hauled away.

The only part of the system that is visible to the user is the waste inlet. These can be located as desired. The inlets may be placed at halls and hallways of residential buildings or business premises or outside the premises. They can be made as inconspicuous as possible or they can be highly visible artistic elements. The inlet openings have doors which are easy to open and close.

Our offering includes:

The system can be arranged to be monitored and controlled at a Caverion control room.