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06.08.2020 Investor news

Norway’s government buildings to be secured by Caverion through expanded cooperation

Caverion has today expanded its existing cooperation with the Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation G.S.S.O. through a second framework agreementCaverion is providing, installing and maintaining certain security solutions for Norwegian government’s locations in Oslo, on top of an existing agreement covering other security solutions.

Three other suppliers are awarded the same framework agreement.

“We are happy to expand our relationship with our long-term customer G.S.S.O,” says Knut Gaaserud, Executive Vice President, Caverion Norway. “As the Norwegian government’s buildings are secured by Caverion, we will continue to ensure added value through our long-term sustainable security solutions, tailored to the customer’s needs throughout the whole life-cycle,” he continues.

Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (G.S.S.O) is a Norwegian Government Agency located in the centre of Oslo. It has approximately 700 employees. The main purpose of G.S.S.O is to provide synergy for the ministries with cost-effective and reliable shared services.

For Caverion, G.S.S.O belongs to Public Customer segment.


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For more information, please contact: Helene Johansen, Head of Marketing & Communications, Caverion Norway, tel. + 47 404 99 922, helene.johansen@caverion.com
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