Public sector is one of our most important client groups. We understand the challenges and special characters of public investment, real estate and infrastructure projects. We can provide financially, technically and operationally optimal solutions for public buildings and infrastructure.

Our public sector clients utilise our in-depth expertise to realise functional, safe, secure and cost-efficient buildings, infrastructure and processes to improve the quality and delivery of public services. We provide fully integrated project delivery, predictable quality and reliable cost estimates for building systems in public buildings and infrastructure.    

Our references in the public sector include: 

  • Schools and day-care centres
  • Sports and culture facilities
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Power plants
  • Data centres

We also have extensive experience in infrastructure such as lighting systems technology, waste management, road tunnels, highway and tunnel telematics, as well as audio, safety and security systems. 

Life cycle in focus

Our services cover the entire life cycle of buildings and infrastructure. When Caverion takes total technical solution responsibility, it means precise budgeting and predictable long-term costs. Through our Managed Life Cycle concept we take full long-term responsibility for the planning, construction and maintenance of your assets and properties.

Investments in energy efficiency pay off

The long-term return on investment in energy efficiency can be high. Sometimes just rationalising and adjusting the current systems can lead to noticeable benefits in costs and energy-efficiency.

We can give our public sector clients a savings guarantee through a service agreement when improving the cost efficiency of an existing real estate. Energy savings projects normally reduce energy consumption in the range of 5–20%. Return on investment for small projects is 1–5 years and 8–10 years for large projects. Read more about our Energy Performance Contracting. 

Solutions for current needs and future possibilities

In addition to utilising advanced building systems and automation in new buildings, we are experienced in modernising older facilities in need of repair and adjustment. We can also help you to prepare for new solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), which will open up future possibilities in areas such as operational automation, prediction of conditions and preventing failures.

Contract models in use

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