Our values

Our values

It is not just about what we do, and why we do it. Our values guide us in how we do things.


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We deliver what we promise

Our customers, employees and partners can trust us to deliver concrete outcomes.

  • We prioritize, focus and follow through
  • We deliver quality results
  • We create value and sustainable outcomes for our customers
  • We are accountable and take responsibility



We do it together

It is fun to succeed together. Only by combining and building on each other's expertise, we can deliver what we have promised.

  • We work as one Caverion
  • We treat everyone with respect and care
  • We build on differences, participation and fairness
  • We are open and transparent
  • We lead by example


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We explore and improve

Receiving and giving feedback takes us to the next level and increases our expertise. We are open for new perspectives and welcome new challenges as opportunities to get better. 

  • We challenge and inspire
  • We enable people to grow
  • We act in a sustainable way
  • We appreciate feedback
  • We build on each other's expertise and best practices