Exclusive residential project on 40 floors

Henninger Tower apartment building, Frankfurt, Germany


40 floors

Luxury segment

33 MEUR order volume

 Caverion's main strength stands out time and again. We take the competence of our partners as a given. Caverion has proven itself by expressing that competence.   

Michael Noll
Real estate owner, Actris GmbH



  • Urbanization and the associated shortage of housing in urban areas. Since 2013, more than half of the world's population has lived in cities (source: The World Bank)
  • Complexity of the building and the associated logistical requirements
  • Tight schedule


  • As a technical general contractor, Caverion is responsible for the complete technical building equipment for the residential complex
  • Precise coordination of logistical processes with cross-functional processing as a technical general contractor
  • Many years of experience with high-rise projects
  • Time savings through prefabrication

The Henninger Tower with a height of 140 meters is one of the tallest residential buildings in Germany. Over 200 exclusive apartments are built on 40 floors. On the ground floor there are additional shopping and commercial facilities, and a restaurant on the top floor.

  • 40 floors
  • 77 000 m2 surface area
  • 340 000 m3/h total performance of ventilation systems
  • 240 000 m3/h total performance of smoke extraction systems
  • 2 000 kW total cooling capacity 
  • 1 750 kW total heat output
  • 9 000 sprinkler heads
  • 1 200 sanitary objects
  • 18 000 m2 cooling ceilings
  • 6 000 radiators

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