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Caverion SRI Consultation for Technopolis, Oslo

Technopolis Oslo Fornebu

The Caverion SRI (Smart Readiness Indicator) Consultation  analyses the current status of you building and defines the optimal next steps to maximise the property value and optimise energy efficiency, while improving the reliability and flexibility of your building operations. The outcome of a Caverion SRI Consultation is unique to each customer and building, yet calculated with a standardised framework. For Technopolis in Oslo, the outcomes of the Caverion SRI Consultation included:

Digital status

Digital status

An understanding of the current digital status of the building.

BMS update

BMS update

A comprehensive building management system (BMS) update to optimise operations, energy efficiency, and improve indoor climate.



A roadmap for the future to ensure that future needs of the building and its occupants continue to be met.  

“Technopolis aims to be a world-class workspace provider. That is why its important that our buildings function optimally. As our partner, Caverion ensures that our buildings are operated smartly and efficiently.”

- Elisabeth Hool, Real Estate Manager, Technopolis Holding AS


Biggest challenges:

  • Optimal building management in relation to cost
  • Satisfactory indoor climate for all customers
  • Good flow of information to all customers
  • To have a well-functioning BMS


  • An extensive energy mapping of the building resulted with the implementation of Caverion’s new building management system (BMS), to optimize operations, energy efficiency, and improve the indoor climate.
  • The possibility to improve communications by using digital systems such as info screens.
  • A roadmap with future needs that can be implemented into the building management system


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