Caverion SRI Consultation


The Caverion SRI Consultation helps you achieve your sustainability targets by evaluating the current digital status of your building and providing a roadmap for future investments.


The Caverion SRI Consultation process is composed of five main steps:

  1. Identifying the target level, including current and future needs through user interview(s).
  2. Determining the technical current smart readiness state of the building (including 9 domains with 7 impact categories), the systems digital capabilities as well as performing the Caverion Smart traffic signal analysis.
  3. Comparing the target level and the current situation in order to identify discrepancies and recognise development needs.
  4. Creating a roadmap for how wanted end results, including concrete actions, preliminary budget and prioritization and scheduling of actions.
  5. The results of the consultation are reported and presented.

You receive a practical roadmap for how to achieve a smart and sustainable building

  • You get a comparable, easily understandable assessment of the current state of the property’s intelligence. With a clear plan and structured approach you ensure that the target smart readiness level for your building can be achieved. By consulting with a partner who can support you in every step of the process, you guarantee minimum risk and maximum return on your investment.

The SRI consultation provides you with comprehensive and practical solutions

  • Our solution covers the entire life cycle of your property: all the way from equipment to digital systems and services. This makes managing your property easy and efficient. As we all know, building technology is more than the sum of its parts.

Take a leap towards a more responsible and sustainable built environment

  • We ensure optimal, safe and healthy indoor conditions, a high rate of return on capital, maximum energy savings and higher user satisfaction. To maximize value, we measure and commit to success with you.

The SRI consultation enables you to compare your building portfolio’s smart functionalities

  • By defining your building portfolio’s smart readiness levels you have a standardized and reliable method for comparing building intelligence levels and focus investment needs to the buildings that require it the most as well as can provide the largest value increase.

The method for calculating the SRI is based on the multi-criteria assessment method defined in Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/2155 of 14 October 2020, which is supplementing Directive (EU) 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council by establishing an optional common European Union scheme for rating the smart readiness of buildings C/2020/6930. Caverion SRI consultation piloting the EU SRI calculation tool does not lead in an internationally or nationally recognised actual score or any type of certificate for a building.

The SRI (Smart Readiness Indicator) raises awareness of the benefits promised by smart building technologies, such as automation and monitoring of technical building systems.

The rating method was developed based on the request stated in the EC's revised Energy Performance of Building's Directive (EPBD 2018/844/EU). The indicator is a comparable value (0-100 %) of the building's current smart readiness and it evaluates the building’s capability to perform three main functionalities:

  • Optimise energy efficiency and overall in-use performance
  • Adapt its operation to the needs of the occupant
  • Adapt to signals from the grid (e.g. energy demand response)

With the Caverion SRI consultation you define your building’s SRI status and get a concrete roadmap for how to improve your building’s smart readiness.

The Caverion SRI Consultation analyses the current smart readiness of your building, defines a target level for building intelligence as well as what short-term and long-term investments to make (and in what order) for your building to comply with tightening regulation, provide enhanced user satisfaction and to achieve your smart & sustainability targets. In other words, our consulting service provides you with an analysis and a roadmap for how to ensure your building performs optimally.

Best of all, we have the ability and experience to execute the roadmap, should you need a partner with practical as well as advisory expertise.



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