The Caverion Building Management System (BMS) guarantees optimal performance of your property

Do you know how energy-efficient your properties truly are? Can you collect all the relevant…

Do you know how energy-efficient your properties truly are? Can you collect all the relevant building efficiency and performance data to answer that question?


Caverion Building Management System controls and monitors the building for you

A modern building is full of technical systems: from cooling and ventilation to lighting and AV systems. The efficiency of the entire building is dependent on how well these technical systems play together.

The Caverion Building Management System (BMS) controls the buildings technology across all areas and functionalities. It integrates separate technical systems together, collects their data and automates their control, securing the future value of the property. That is why a BMS is the main backbone of a smart, energy-efficient and user-friendly building. Building management system is like the brain and circular system of the body: a modern building will not work without it.

The three key aspects to look for in a future-proof BMS:

  • Flexibility, low risk and cost-efficiency
    • Fully open interface and communication protocols
    • Modular approach for scalability and adaptability
    • Customisable and modular libraries for a secure, consistent and risk-free delivery
    • A competitive price
  • Clarity & transparency
    • A user-friendly interface (like Caverion SmartView) that shows the KPIs that matter to you and alerts you when action is needed
    • Predictability and proactive intelligence powered by AI and analytics
  • Consistent lifecycle performance 
    • reliability brought by monitoring and control
    • commitment to system interoperability and performance throughout the lifecycle
    • longevity with high-quality components and local management
    • software updates ensure a secure information environment

Choose your BMS carefully if you want to make your building smart

By selecting Caverion BMS you can link your smart building to the surrounding city. With Caverion BMS you can flexible control your systems and be connected to demand-response markets.

Caverion has expertise in smart buildings and their regulation. We develop our proprietary Building Management Systems flexibly and scalable in order to meet all the current and upcoming requirements of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the related national regulations.

Choose your BMS carefully. The Caverion Building Management System enables your smart building to create value now and in the future.

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