Technical Advisory Services ensure the optimal use of your property’s technology

Real estate owners nowadays face more and more demands by tenants, end users and regulators.

Real estate owners nowadays face more and more demands by tenants, end users and regulators.


Tenants want energy efficiency, operational reliability and increased productivity. Users demand better air quality and comfortable temperatures along with adequate and secure spaces. Regulators are pushing for sustainability, as demonstrated e.g. in The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), which aims at accelerating the cost-effective renovation of existing buildings and increasing the usage of intelligent technology.

With Caverion’s technical advisory services, we can help you keep all these stakeholders satisfied, by ensuring that your building, with all its technology is performing optimally.

Optimize your property’s technological solutions with the help of a technical advisor

  1. Feasibility design identifies potential improvements
    Feasibility design is the first step in optimising building technology to meet your needs. The Caverion team has extensive experience in identifying, assessing and delivering building improvements.
  2. Technical inspections and audits ensure that building technology is operating as planned
    For the property to operate flawlessly, it is essential that the building technical systems are regularly inspected. The inspection helps ensure that the technical systems are operating as planned.
  3. Simulations help estimate the effects of new investments
    By running simulations you can, for example, calculate the energy use of your building in different scenarios, in order to help you choose the most suitable technical solution.
  4. Environmental certifications ensure clean operations
    As your partner in environmental management we will help you reach your sustainability goals. We can assess the current situation, set goals and create a strategy for implementing, reporting and continuously developing the sustainability actions.

All of the expert services above, serve different purposes and complement each other. By telling us about your situation and we can analyse the services needed in order to maximise the productivity and functionality of your property


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