8760 Control Center operating for best production and performance

Our Control Center Engineers ensure the best production performance.

Our Control Center Engineers ensure the best production performance.

When we're talking about a power plant, whether it's a substation, a wind farm or a solar park, it comes with its own challenges and a vast set of regulations. To fulfil all the demands, a plant requires a smoot operation on many different areas. Electricity quality and grid requirements, corrective and preventive maintenance as well as operational control.

You can get the maximum production and the best performance from your investment, be it wind power, solar power, hydropower or a substation with Caverion’s 8760 Operation’s services.
Our 8760 Control Center services include power plant operations, remote monitoring and reporting services. Our operations center connects all operative tasks providing you a single point of contact to solve any occurrences your power plant may face.

We currently operate wind and solar farms in seven different countries and the combined production of the power plants we operate is comparable to a few nuclear power plants.

Power plant operation

Your power plants are efficiently and systematically operated by a team of Control Center Engineers around the clock, every single day, 8760 hours a year, via secured remote connections to ensure best production performance. This is vital when there is a growing movement towards distributed power generation. Checks and adjustments made by our proficient Control Center Engineers, as well as their rapid response to alarms, ensures trouble-free performance of power plants, thus enabling better performance quality in the long run.

We work in close cooperation with the power plant operator and the distribution network companies. From our Control Center, we carry out daily operations for the power plants, such as switching and managing the switching of connections, as well as implementing control requests from the network operator.
We carry out such operations for Finland's seventh largest power plant, for example.


Power plant monitoring

Power plants are usually unattended and monitored remotely by Control Centres and cameras. A power plant can be connected to a wind farm, a solar park or a battery energy storage system (BESS).
We monitor your power plants 24/7, 8760 hours per year. We offer secure and reliable remote monitoring for your power plant to ensure the highest efficiency and increased productivity.

Comprehensive expertise

Our remote production monitoring minimises the need for local controlling. The service package can be extended to include technical consultation services, inspections or even turn-key service, according to the customer's needs. We also offer an Owner's Engineer type service, naturally 24 hours a day. Aiming to maximise wind farm production and minimise the service and maintenance costs through our 8760 Operation Centre and technical consulting services.

Caverion offers comprehensive services for monitoring and control of wind farms. We offer comprehensive monitoring and control services for wind farms. This service is also offered for industrial-scale solar power plants.
We're currently operating wind and solar power, but our competence is also applicable for operating many other types of production.

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