Special maintenance undestands the needs and requirements of wind turbines

Your partner in safety equipment maintenance

Your partner in safety equipment maintenance


Wind turbines are highly technical installations and require a lot of attention and maintenance to provide its maximum production for the whole life cycle of the plant. Regardless of the manufacturer, wind turbines require yearly corrective and preventive maintenance and repairs. Wind turbines hold a lot of safety equipment which also comes with its requirements. To make wind power safe for its owners, developers and people working in the turbines you have to take care of the service lifts, ladders, fire extinguishers, not to mention the technicians who have their personal protective equipment that needs to be inspected and safe to use.  

Caverion’s certified and experienced team takes care of the yearly maintenance and repairs of wind turbines’ critical safety equipment, like nacelle service crane, service lift and ladder and safety rail. Our experts are highly skilled and qualified with a strong background in wind turbine design, manufacturing and maintenance which enables us to understand your needs and requirements. Personal protective equipment and fire extinguishers inspections are also in our expertise. We provide spare parts for your wind turbine, which brings time and cost savings, since the repairs can be done on the same visit. Thru out the years, we have become a large player in the wind turbine safety equipment maintenance field in Finland and Sweden.

Our wide network enables us to carry out all required services in a cost efficient way, which creates great value for you. The goal is to maximize the energy production of wind parks and minimize the service costs, increasing the profitability for you throughout the wind park lifetime. To ensure this we provide the highest standard of service at every stage of involvement.

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Wind turbine service lift yearly maintenance, repairs and spare part services

Reliable and safe use of the wind turbine service lift enables smooth operation for other maintenance activities carried out in the turbine and thus reduce production losses. By performing maintenance services yearly according to manufacturer recommendations, you will ensure safe use for the lift and keep the lift ready for use. Wind turbine’s service lift is part of the turbine, so maintenance personnel must be experienced and certified in this specific area.

Caverion provides yearly maintenance, repairs and spare part services for your wind turbine service lift and ladder with fall protection system. Our team has several years’ experience performing yearly inspections and maintenance according to manufacturer’s instructions. These teams work independently and has experience in variety of wind turbines. This releases OEM personnel for other activities and helps planning for the maintenance activities.

We have a good stock of spare parts in our home base and service vans. This brings cost savings, because the defects found in the inspection can be repaired at the same visit. This reduces travel associated costs and the service lift is back in use faster.

  • Ensures smooth operation for other maintenance activities, thus production losses are reduced
  • Our large stock of spare parts saves time and money, as found defects can be repaired immediately
  • OEM personnel is available for other activities
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Yearly personal protective equipment inspections

Personal protective equipment needs to be inspected yearly by a competent person with proper training. By inspecting the equipment you ensure the safety of your employees. Caverion’s certified experts do inspections at site or at customers location.

  • Yearly personal protective equipment inspections keep your employees safe
  • We inspect your equipment on site so you save money
  • We help you to keep your safety equipment in good condition

Fire extinguisher inspection and renewal services

Fire extinguisher inspections in Finland can only be carried out by Tukes approved Fire extinguisher agency. The agency must also have a certified responsible person. Fire extinguisher inspections and service are described in detail in Decree of Ministry of Internal Affairs SMa (917/2005).

Caverion’s experienced and certified team performs fire extinguisher inspections on site inside the turbine. This way you don’t need to carry the extinguishers away from the turbine or bring change bottles, as the bottles can be damaged when moved to a different location. Fire extinguisher bottles are also subject to pressure test every 10 years. If you have change bottles you will have double the costs.

With Caverion’s service you can bring your costs down by combining fire extinguisher inspections and renewal with wind turbine service lift and nacelle crane maintenance and repairs.

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Marko Korkeamaa
Marko Korkeamaa
Unit Manager, Special Maintenance, Caverion Industria