We offer our industrial clients specialised knowledge, concepts and solutions based on decades of experience. We can increase production efficiency with process development and technical maintenance

We deliver technical systems and manage processes for all branches of industry. In addition, we design and manufacture industrial components such as piping, tanks and boilers. We offer a wide range of industrial maintenance services from individual assignments to comprehensive maintenance of

  • production processes
  • maintenance cooperation
  • outsourcing services.

Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) have a high priority in all our projects. We stress the importance of occupational health, preventive safety work and emergency preparedness, as well as reducing environmental impact and complying with environmental regulations. Our clients are served by locally employed professionals.

Improving OEE and ODR

Our expertise improves overall equipment efficiency (OEE) as well as operative driven reliability (ODR) of maintenance processes on-site. We are able to eliminate the factors slowing down the process and causing malfunctions that result in wasted materials and loss of production time. 

In close cooperation with our clients, we are able to maximise

  • the availability
  • speed and 
  • quality of the production process.  

In addition, we can advise and support our clients on technical investments for the entire lifecycle of the plant, covering new production lines and equipment renewals. Read more about Advisory Services. We improve process usability and productivity with the help of the Industrial Internet and analysis based on Big Data.

Our Managed Services for industry offer competence, flexibility and cost-efficiency, for example in the form of outsourced personnel, joint ventures or other client-specific solutions.

Technical Maintenance to Industry

Our Technical Maintenance includes: 

  • planned preventive maintenance services
  • mechanical installations and 
  • spare part optimisation  

We can also provide the site with security systems such as access control and video surveillance, as well as fire detectors, alarms and extinguishing systems. We grant a quality guarantee for the technical products we install.

Optimal solutions for every Industrial client’s needs

We serve all the needs of our clients, from ad-hoc requests all the way to comprehensive process improvement and preventive maintenance covering the entire lifecycle of production systems, and from outsourced professionals to integrated facility management. We are your responsible and financially stable partner with extensive expertise and long-term engagement. You will have a transparent service from a single supplier with one point of contact for all your needs. As an independent operator, we are able to offer the optimal solution to all client-specific needs.

Read more about Energy Performance Contracting.

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