Proven pipe know-how

We are the leading industrial piping supplier in Northern Europe. Our service chain covers everything related to piping projects. Thanks to our strong and experienced project management competence, we are able to handle all stages of a project.

Our global piping deliveries:

  • Project Execution: piping design, materials procurement, prefabrication and installation

Efficiency through engineering know-how

Our engineers are top professionals who are familiar with the working methods and equipment used in workshops, and are often working on-site in our projects. The fact that the design and engineering is in our own hands means added flexibility and cost-efficiency for the whole project.

Prefabrication at our workshop reduces the time required for the installation work on-site. In addition, the quality is better because the working conditions at the workshop are optimal.

Best possible installation competence

Our highly skilled installation crews are quick to respond and have the right kind of attitude in a tight spot. One accident is one too many for us, and safe operating methods are an integral part of our skill set. An experienced and professional project team guarantees that projects are carried out according to clients’ requirements, safely and always on schedule.