Workshop services

Our workshop service is part of a comprehensive service chain that includes design, delivery of materials, production, installation, service and maintenance. We also supply our high-quality prefabricated products as separate deliveries worldwide.

We have own workshop in Finland, Ylivieska, where we produce prefabricated products and offer for example cold bending, induction bending and hot-dip. 

We carry out workshop operations related to maintenance all around the country, close to our clients. 
Our maintenance-related workshop procedures include industrial CNC-machining, boring and milling.

The benefits of prefabrication are evident in carefully planned projects. Prefabrication makes project management easier and reduces installation work. The optimal manufacturing environment also improves quality. Our comprehensive production permits and our profound knowledge of statutory requirements enhance project progress.

Our workshop produces:

  • high-pressure piping for power plants
  • piping for the shipbuilding
  • maritime industries
  • piping prefabricates
  • piping packages
  • modules and pressure vessels
  • boiler components, such as panels and superheaters 
  • stainless and acid-proof tanks
  • prefabricates for tanks
  • pressure equipment
  • pulp pipes