Cold bending of pipes

Cold bending is a quick and inexpensive bending method. It is a competitive option for making pipelines and machine parts, for instance. Using bending instead of prefabricated bends substantially reduces the number of welds needed. This reduces the amount of work required and increases the quality and usability of pipes.


  • pipelines
  • prefabricated pipe elements
  • machine parts


  • Cold bending is suitable for pipes with an outer diameter of 17.0 to 219.1 mm.
  • Pipe wall 2.0 to 28.0 mm.
  • Recommended bending radius 2.5 x Do.
  • In addition, we offer several bending radii for different pipe diameters.

Bending is carried out with high accuracy by modern equipment. Every bend is inspected, no errors are allowed.