Induction bending with over 30 years of experience

We have over thirty years of experience in bending thick-walled pipes. Induction bending is based on precision-controlled heating followed by quick cooling. With this technique, the out-of-roundness and thinning values are kept well under control. In induction bending, the bending radius can be chosen freely. 

Induction bending is suitable for

  • carbon steel (such as P265GH, API 5L)
  • heat-resistant materials (from 16Mo3 to P92)
  • austenitic materials (such as 304, 316)
  • specialty materials, such as duplex steels and titanium

Pipe dimensions

  • outer diameter 42.4 to 914.0 mm
  • max. wall thickness 80 mm
  • recommended bending radius at least 2.5 to 3 x D
  • even 1.5 D is possible

Our modern bending machines enable multiple three-dimensional bends in one tube, at different planes.