29.10.2015 Investor news

Caverion signs contracts for cleanroom facilities and total delivery of building systems for a hospital and office building in Tampere, Finland

Caverion has signed an agreement with Skanska on the total delivery of building systems for the old Tampella linen factory in Tampere. The building is to be renovated into hospital and office premises. The value of the building systems delivery exceeds EUR 7 million. In addition, Caverion will deliver the cleanroom facilities for three operating theatres in the hospital. The agreement on the delivery of the cleanroom facilities was signed with KOY Koskitammi, a company owned by the insurance and pension entities in the OP Group. The value of this agreement will not be disclosed.

The renovation comprises a complete renewal of all the building systems at the property. Caverion is responsible for the design and engineering of the building systems, as well as project execution and management. The building systems cover the heating and sanitation, ventilation and air-conditioning, cooling, electricity, information and communication technology, security and safety as well as automation systems.

“For this project we needed a strong operator with broad experience in modificating old properties and creating a new technical life cycle for them. We were also looking for a company with sufficient resources to meet the challenging schedule. I believe that Caverion meets these requirements. Furthermore, Caverion provides a five-year warranty for the building systems, which clearly offers added value to the property owners. The importance of specialist know-how is emphasised, as KOY Koskitammi belongs to our national heritage and is a protected building almost in its entirety,” says Kari Kangasmaa, Constructing Manager at Pohjola Property Management Ltd.

“This project is challenging not only technically but also because of its tight schedule, so excellent technology know-how is of the utmost importance. Based on our previous dealings with Caverion we know them to be a highly competent partner. During the contract negotiations we understood that Caverion was willing to face the challenge, so we know that the project is in good hands,” says Kari Sundelin, Construction Manager at Skanska.

Cleanroom facilities in the operating theatres are based on Caverion’s own product development

The cleanroom facility delivery for the operating theatres of Omasairaala Oy is based on prefabricated CleanPlus® elements, developed by Caverion. These elements include for example the walls, ceilings, sliding doors, lighting, air-conditioning terminals, HEPA filters, ceiling pendants and pass-through chambers for the operating theatres. The cleanrooms are designed to have as low microbial content in the indoor air as possible. 

“We have successfully carried out similar cleanroom projects in Sweden, for instance. By combining our Swedish cleanroom know-how and our project management in Finland we can bring our best expertise to this demanding project. Hospital construction and modernisation creates a demand for modular and flexible solutions which are used to impact the entire life cycle of the hospital. We aim to carry out the comprehensive renewal of the building systems in a way that takes into consideration the historic value of the property and also improves its energy efficiency,” says Jarno Hacklin, Executive Vice President & CEO, Division Finland at Caverion.

The total floor area of the site to be renovated is approximately 16,000 square metres, of which approximately 12,500 square metres will be converted into office and hospital space. The hospital premises comprise approximately 4,000 square metres. The old Tampella property is owned by the insurance and pension entities in the OP Group. Renovation work at the hospital will be completed by summer 2016 and, for the rest of the premises, by autumn 2016. 

Skanska belongs to Caverion’s General Contractor client segment and Pohjola Property Management to the Real Estate Owners and Developers client segment.

Picture of the building  (source: Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy)

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