15.06.2018 Press release

New hospital in Finland selected winner of Tekla BIM Awards 2018

The new hospital in Kainuu, Finland has been selected as the best BIM project in the Tekla BIM Awards 2018 Finland and Baltics. The results of the competition organised by the software company Trimble Tekla were announced and winners were awarded on 14 June 2018 in the Tekla BIM Awards event in Helsinki, Finland. The competition evaluates the utilisation of information modelling in the design, manufacturing and implementation of building projects.

According to the jury of the competition, the winning project has utilised BIM models in a versatile and extensive way in both the cooperation between different parties and innovative solutions. In addition to design, BIM models have also been utilised on the worksite and in the production chain. Also visualisation has been employed efficiently as a tool for the benefit of hospital staff.

The jury considers that the innovative approach of the project is also evident in the utilisation of augmented reality in different stages. “The Kainuu New Hospital project was the best illustration of an efficient BIM collaboration,” said Olli Seppänen, the chairman of the jury.

The executors of the project are happy for winning the award. “Winning the BIM competition is an esteemed recognition in the industry, and for this we have a reason to be proud. We have aimed to maximise the use of the model in multiple ways,” says Project Director Kimmo Ahonen, Kainua alliance.

The building and technology of the new hospital in Kainuu support efficient care

The renovation and the new buildings of the central hospital of Kainuu secure the health services of the residents of Kainuu and enhance the integration of primary health care services with specialised medical care by operating in the same building. The project is implemented through an alliance model with a joint responsibility. The partners of the alliance are Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority, Skanska, Sweco, and Caverion.

The implementation of the new hospital follows the Smart Hospital goals, which aim to increase the ease and efficiency of patient care and property use and maintenance. BIM-based design has been the starting point and the requirement of the client from the very outset.

The new hospital in Kainuu is also a significant public wooden construction project that has shaped the project's design from the very start. The facade walls of the main building utilise wooden elements covering over 10,000 square metres.

The project's development stage started in March 2015 and the implementation phase in February 2017. The hospital will be completed in two different construction stages, reaching final completion in autumn 2021.

Building systems play a significant role

The hospital project is challenging not only technically but also functionally because the building and the technology must support the efficiency of care. The central goal of the Joint Municipal Authority in Kainuu has been to ensure flexibility and adaptability to support the demands of changing hospital operations. Therefore, the building systems play a significant role in the project.

“Information modelling has been central to planning production, and utilising it makes the installation work on site faster. Mobile devices can be used on the worksite to check the locations of systems and equipment from the BIM model. The model is being developed to enable its utilisation in verifying the degree of completion of the worksite,” says Veikko Laitila who is the Caverion Project Director in the project.

Essential building systems are controlled with one integrated user interface. Energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling solutions, logistics automation, backup power generation, and IT solutions serve the entire property.

The winner of the competition will enter this year's international Tekla Global BIM Awards competition.


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