From left: Reidar Jørgensen, Department Leader at Østfold Syd, Rolf Johansen and Knut Gaaserud, Executive Vice President, Caverion Norway
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Over 50 years of well-being and fellowship – Rolf, Teuvo and Veli-Matti celebrate amazingly long careers at Caverion

Over 50 years of well-being and fellowship – Rolf, Teuvo and Veli-Matti celebrate amazingly long careers at Caverion

After impressive 54 very active years at Caverion, Rolf Johansen (69) recently had his last day at Caverion's Østfold Syd department in Norway. According to Johansen, the secret to a good workplace is a high well-being and good fellowship.

Johansen started his career at Edvardsen & Norheim on August 8, 1965, when he was just 15 years old. Edvardsen & Norheim was eventually acquired by NEBB, which again became part of ABB in the late 80's, and is now Caverion. Regardless of the name of the company, Rolf has gone to work at the same place every day for 54 years, starting as a mail deliverer, moving on to an auxiliary boy and eventually becoming an electrician and installer.

“Caverion has been a very good workplace, with high well-being and stable conditions. The good fellowship with colleagues has been an important reason why I have not seen any reason to leave”, says Rolf.

6-day work week

In addition to Rolf, project manager Veli-Matti Vehviläinen (65) and electrician Teuvo Valjakka (67) are also celebrating their 50-year-long career, at Caverion Finland. When they first joined the company’s predecessor, working life was quite different. Work week was six days long; pace of the work was slower and many of the tasks were completed manually.

From left Markku Salonen Region Manager Sakari Toikkanen Executive Vice President Industrial Solutions Teuvo Valjakka VeliMatti Vehvilinen Ari Lehtoranta CEO of Caverion Group and Jussi Vesala Unit Manager

During the decades, a lot of small and big changes have taken place, such as the introduction of computers and the improvements in work safety. “There was a time when we used old dancing shoes at work, they were still considered to be enough okay for work,” recalls Teuvo. Today, using safety equipment, such as safety shoes is strictly mandatory.

Both Teuvo and Veli-Matti think that work is still similar than it used to be, though the pace is now faster. Also many of the clients have remained the same during the years.

”We will miss the excellent communities at work and the close co-workers we have had,” Teuvo and Veli-Matti explain. “Luckily the communication with friends will continue and we can share also other topics now than just work related.”

After retirement, Rolf, Veli-Matti and Teuvo all have active private life plans. Rolf is honorary member in the Kråkerøy sports team, in which he has held positions of trust for 35 years. Teuvo is planning to concentrate on his garden and sports and Veli-Matti aims to continue his work around his new house and its surroundings.


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