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5 hot topics in building security


Building security systems have a wider role to play than is often thought. They support business continuity in a changing world, while improving the security of people and property.

The pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the development of artificial intelligence have also had a significant impact on the security sector. Jussi Aaltojärvi, Head of Safety & Security, Caverion Finland, identifies five security-related developments that are currently on the agenda.

1) More stringent requirements

Due to the changed security situation in Europe, requirements for security systems and traceability have become more stringent and will continue to do so.

"Companies must be able to prove who had access to certain premises at a certain time. Traceability is required from smaller and smaller companies," says Aaltojärvi.

Security solutions, such as camera and access control, constitute personal data that must be processed in accordance with the GDPR.

2) Systems need to sync

The number of security technology solutions in buildings has increased clearly. This also poses challenges for companies. There may be several different systems in use that are not compatible with each other.

"Systems that bring together important information and speed up data management will outperform other solutions in the future," predicts Aaltojärvi.

3) Security technology has direct benefits for business

The strategic importance of security technology is underlined as it supports companies' business by increasing efficiency and competitiveness. For example, cameras can be used for quality control, process monitoring and workplace safety. Various analytics programmes can provide valuable monitoring information to help companies improve their operations.

4) Digital key management is becoming commonplace in businesses

Digital key management is becoming commonplace. Companies will manage keys to their premises in a single system, which will provide fast-tracking information. With automated key management, there will be no need to manually distribute and return keys. All the necessary operations are handled digitally, whether it is a mechanical, electromechanical or access control key.

5) Businesses need a holistic view of premises and building security

Technology and automation make it easier to manage security in buildings, but the proliferation of technology can also create headaches for businesses.

"It pays to centralise your property security systems with a partner who can develop and maintain systems in a holistic way. This allows security management to focus on other aspects of business security. Centralisation also brings financial benefits and reduces duplication of effort," says Aaltojärvi.

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