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Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Finland

Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company is one of the largest real estate investors in Finland. Varma is letting flats and a wide variety of business premises that meet the needs of companies of different sizes. Varma owns a total of around 2.2 million square meters of lettable property, of which more than half is office and business premises. Approximately 60 per cent of the real estate is located in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Varma owns some 4,000 rental flats, 70 per cent of which are in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Our ambition is to have well planned maintenance, high-quality and cost-efficient service and satisfied tenants. Operating responsibly in investment business has always been important for Varma. We have selected Caverion to be our partner in energy management. We reach our targets with good co-operation. Additionally we will also have major saving in the real estate maintenance costs.

Aarne Markkula, Real Estate Development Manager, Varma

Service Areas

  • Managed Services
  • Advisory Services


  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Security & Safety
  • Information & Communication Services
  • Heating & Sanitation
  • Electricity
  • Cooling
  • Automation

Client Segments

  • Real Estate Investors and Developers



Improving energy efficiency is continuous process at Varma. Varma is participating to national energy efficiency contract since year 2011 and contract obligates Varma for energy savings of 6% until year 2016. Reaching these goals reduces significantly also carbon dioxide emissions. Varma's facilities have over 2 million square meters and even small changes in energy consumption can have major effect on carbon dioxide emissions.



  • Caverion takes care of technical facility management of Varma facilities including real estate administration and technical maintenance.
  • We help Varma to streamline their real estate administration and create new solutions to improve energy efficiency in the properties.
  • Nearly all properties of Varma are connected to Caverion Control Room. Building services are adjusted to optimal level 24/7 and energy consumption is being measured continuously to reach the targets.
  • Caverion has taken part of creating energy saving strategy for Varma. Actions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is part of the strategy.
  • 500 energy reduction measures have been taken between years 2011-2015
  • Results

  • Yearly energy savings of 500,000 €. Savings correspond to yearly energy cost of 470 private houses with electric heating
  • 70% of the target savings (6% energy savings by the year 2016) has been reached in only 2 years.
  • Carbon footprint of facilities was 42 000 t/CO2 year 2011. This corresponds to yearly energy cost of 10 000 private houses with electric heating. Reduction of carbon footprint has been 1 800 tonnes between years 2011-2013.
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    Facts of the agreement

    Contract covers 82 properties with gross floor area of approx. 982,000 square meters.


    Facts of Caverion's solutions

  • Technical facility management
  • Real-estate administration and technical maintenance
  • Control Room
  • Energy saving and energy management
  • EUR 500,000
    of yearly energy savings