Lead your properties with data and head into a more sustainable future 

We offer comprehensive facility and property management services for the entire lifecycle of a property. We serve our customers from different industries, taking into account the needs of both, the property users and the owners. When managing services on behalf of the customer, we take responsibility for managing costs, maintaining and developing value of the property, and the risks associated with business interruptions.

Property owners, users and authorities set a wide range of requirements for the built environment. We support our customers with topics such as increasing the use of renewable energy and developing real estate strategies. There is a need to take greater account of the requirements and objectives of responsibility and environmental friendliness. We help our customers to develop environmental strategies and can for example take care of the sustainability reporting on behalf of the customer.

We have more than 30 0000 properties under our management, and thousands of buildings connected to our remote centers. Did you know that over 90% of real estate alerts coming to us are handled remotely? Check out our remote center services.

With our property management and advisory services, we can improve the energy efficiency of a property, bring cost savings and help our customers to meet legal obligations.

The reasons why our customers are satisfied:

  • Property value development and life cycle management
  • Improving user satisfaction
  • More efficient property management through digitalization and data driven decision making
  • Safe, healthy and sustainable property
  • Extensive technical expertise