Energy management supports the city of Espoo in decreasing energy consumption


Over 500,000 €
Savings during the first year with Energy Management and remote services


Seemless cooperation
The City of Espoo has a dedicated Energy Manager,
who follows the energy consumption, implements actions and gives development suggestions.


Remote Service
Makes sure that automation and processes 
are optimised and work as planned


 When we consume less energy, our carbon footprint automatically reduces. In addition we achieved approximately 500,000 euros in cost savings already during the first year. 

Leif Ilander, Facility Service Manager



  • The city of Espoo has large-scale climate targets, that require new solutions for the facilities.
  • The goal is to reduce energy consumption, make investments at a right time and actions that improve energy-efficiency in the facilities.
  • The city of Espoo has set a goal to enhance the digital accessibility of its properties.
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Espoon kaupunki


  • We executed energy management and property monitoring services for the city of Espoo. Energy management include i.e. tracking of energy consumption, making demand forecasts, responding to deviations and making proposals for energy efficiency measures.
  • City's properties were connected to Caverion's Remote Service. Remote service monitors the automated building processes and keeps them optimised.
  • We created a digital platform for Espoo in Caverion SmartView, which allows monitoring the features in the service and establish a direct remote connection to building automation systems.

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