We at Caverion care about the safety, health and wellbeing of our people. We focus on preventive safety work and wellbeing along with continuously developing our work processes. We value a diverse work community and want to ensure equal opportunities for everyone.

Safety work is our number one priority

We are among the highest performers in our field in terms of safety work. However, we are not yet satisfied with where we are today. Therefore, we challenge all Caverion employees to carry their own responsibility for work safety every day.

Occupational safety orientation and training is a part of the work of all employees at Caverion. We care for our peoples’ safety through proactive safety work; we regularly conduct personal risk assessment, review and learn from incidents, discuss safety matters and conduct safety auditing. Together with employees and customers, we create a safe work environment.

Focus on wellbeing

Wellbeing at work is an objective shared by the entire work community: we all can have a positive influence on wellbeing at work as part of our daily actions. At Caverion we encourage our employees to take care of their wellbeing both at and outside of work. The Caverion Map of Wellbeing supports this effort.

In addition to risks related to accidents, we consider health risks and work in close cooperation with occupational healthcare. We support work ability, coping with workload and returning to work through different individual initiatives.

Focus on wellbeing
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