We care for the safety, health and wellbeing of all our people. A safe and prosperous working community is created together: we challenge all our employees to carry their own responsibility for work safety and wellbeing every day.

Strong development in work safety continued

We are among the top performers in our field in terms of safety. Our accident frequency rate, LTIFR, has stayed at a record low, at 4.0. We continue to develop our ways of working and our long-term target is zero accidents.

Every Caverion employee has the right and responsibility to perform their work in a safe and healthy environment – our mission is to guarantee a safe working environment and working methods, and lead proactive safety work.

In recent years, our work safety culture has taken major steps forward. As a result of our systematic approach, more and more attention is being drawn to issues that improve work safety. We strive to understand, for example, the root cause of each accident and spend more time on investigating it. We then develop relevant measures to prevent similar accident causes in the future.

Support for wellbeing at work

We offer a wide range of support and various tools for the wellbeing of our people. We work in close cooperation with occupational healthcare, consider health risks and support wellbeing of the individual, including coping with workload and returning to work through different initiatives.

For us it is important that our employees feel well, are motivated and enjoy their job. The Caverion Map of Wellbeing guides our actions.

Focus on wellbeing
Caverion LTIFR 2014-2019