Our approach to health & safety is guided by our commitment to care about our people to prevent any harm to our people. Caverion is among the highest performers in our field in terms of work safety. But we are not satisfied yet with where we are today and continue to challenge all Caverion people to proactively carry responsibility for safety.

To improve our results, we regularly evaluate monitoring indicators, review and learn from incidents, conduct verification activities, and implement improvement initiatives as needed. 

Our ultimate goal is zero harm to people or environment. Despite the all difficulties caused by the corona pandemic in2020, we have been able to continue our positive development in the area of health and safety.

Focus on proactive safety work

We focus on preventive safety work: Safety starts with the right attitudes, the anticipation of risks and the active reporting of safety observations. Caverion also strives to understand the root cause of accidents and to spend more time on investigating accidents. We then put a relevant measurement put in place to prevent these accident causes in the future. This has been a great step to move from being reactive to taking proactive measures to promote safety.

During the course of understanding the causes of accidents, Caverion realised that one of the areas to improve on was the managers’ response times for investigating the accidents. As the response time reduced, the frequency of accidents was decreasing. As a result, in 2020 Caverion had one of the best LTIFR in the last few years, recorded at 4,2. 

Development continues

In the KIWA Inspecta HSEQ Audit performed in 2020 in Finland where we scored well above our industry average. Especially positive feedback was given on clarity of our safety processes and the customer focus. Also some good points were also raised on how we could further develop our safety work on which the HSEQ team has already taken actions.

Caverion Map of Wellbeing

Another good initiative in 2020 was the launch of Caverion Map of Wellbeing which portrays different areas of wellbeing at work. The purpose of the map is to help everyone at Caverion to ponder and discuss their own wellbeing at work as well as the factors affecting it. The map was first launched in Finland in the beginning of 2020 ad the aim is to have it as our global tool during 2021.

Caverion LTIFR 2014-2019