Suppliers play a significant role in Caverion’s supply chain, since most of the technical systems and solutions designed and installed by Caverion include components, materials or services purchased from suppliers. 

Covid-19 naturally has had some impact on the supply chain too. Active supply chain management has played a pivotal role in Caverion’s crisis management practice and thanks to continuous monitoring and proactive planning and actions by Caverion’s procurement professionals, Caverion has been able to avoid supply chain disruptions. 

Utilising the supply base optimally

Caverion’s procurement is based on a category management model led centrally at country and Group level covering both direct and indirect materials and services. Our procurement organisation is built on multi-skilled professionals working in a matrix environment in both project and service businesses. Economies of scale are captured by utilising Group-wide best practices and purchasing from the best suppliers across Caverion's geographic footprint following common procedures.

Caverion has several common suppliers serving the demand throughout the countries in which we operate. A major part of purchasing is done locally in the countries in which we operate using selected suppliers. We value being close to our suppliers and their ability to react rapidly to changing business requirements. As a result, the majority of our suppliers are located in the countries in which Caverion operates.

Business ethics in supplier relationships

Caverion aims to build long-term relationships with its suppliers. All suppliers are treated equally and honestly following applicable laws and regulations. We do not tolerate any form of bribery or any other illegal payments in the relationships with our suppliers. We regularly evaluate our suppliers, follow their performance and assess potential risks. Caverion utilises a separate Supplier Code of Conduct with its suppliers.

According to the Supplier Code of Conduct, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners shall:

  • Respect human rights arising out of international treaties, in particular the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Comply with fundamental conventions as defined by the International Labour Organisation
  • Ascertain that its own suppliers comply with requirements that meet or exceed the requirements laid down in Caverion’s Supplier Code of Conduct