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Karolinska University Hospital is one of Scandinavia's foremost healthcare facilities and has a total floor area of approximately 380,000 m2


800 patient places

600,000 patient visits per year

Energy reductions of 6%/year

Customer needs

  • Technical administration of Karolinska University Hospital; need for advanced functionality with huge number of different technical systems.
  • Reduce energy consumption by 6% annually until year 2020.


  • Caverion manages Karolinska University Hospital property. Contract covers upkeep, corrective maintenance, fault reporting, emergency duty and service for tenants as well as buildings and infrastructure within the hospital area.
  • Caverion provides services for heating, ventilation, cooling, control and
    regulation, high and low voltage, backup power, medical gases, sterilization
    technology, lifts, pneumatic tubes etc. 24/7
  • Energy efficiency is one of the main environmental targets. During 2002-2009 Caverion has managed to save approx. 10,500 MWh through energy optimization and energy projects.
  • Caverion has operations centre in the hospital area that is staffed around the clock and monitors all fields of technology.


Karolinska University Hospital is one of Europe’s largest hospitals with building area of approx. 380,000 m2 offering world-class care, research and training. Caverion has secured Karolinska Hospital’s 24/7 functionality for more than ten years.


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