IoT sensors collect valuable data from your property 24/7


IoT sensors are small pieces of technology that measure different variables in your property and then share this data to the cloud for interpreting and analysis.

The sensors are an extremely valuable tool in collecting data from your property. You can then use this data to monitor the conditions in your property and improve them.

Use real-time and historic data in your decision-making with IoT sensors

IoT sensors are used for condition monitoring. The sensors can be moved around the property easily. Here are some of the most typical variables IoT sensors can help you keep an eye on.

Indoor air temperature
With IoT sensor you can measure the temperature from wherever you want and change the location of the thermometer as you wish.

Relative humidity
Helps you to track possible problems with indoor air and help you ensure the optimal indoor conditions.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Shows you whether the indoor air has changed fast enough for people to feel good.

TVOC levels
Tell you the amount of volatile organic compounds in the air and help you to estimate the health of your building.

Fine particles
Tell you how pure the air is by measuring the number of small particles of different sizes.

Radon content
Gives you the amount of radon in the air and thus showing the amount of radiation indoors.

Pressure difference
Helps you to see and pinpoint problems with the ventilation system to make the building healthier for its users


Our IoT sensors are wireless and can be installed wherever you choose. These sensors can be used as a standalone solution, or to complement existing building automation measurements.

Collect all the data to a single system for easy monitoring

and toact upon the data when needed, it is best to show the measurements in your floor plans – in real time.

The Caverion SmartView platform collects and shows condition data, alerts of deviation and action recommendations 24/7, on any device. You can also choose to receive SMS alerts and emails when the conditions are nearing critical limits.

End users also benefit from the measurement data as Caverion SmartView modules can be shared with any number of people easily and securely. This in turn helps the users to make right choices regarding your building.

We can show any IoT sensor data in Caverion SmartView, so not hesitate to ask for our solution to your need.

Preserve the value of your property value with efficient IoT technology

With the available data, you can ensure good conditions in your property. Good indoor conditions preserve the property’s value and improves user satisfaction.

We can take care of the installation of IoT sensors for you and teach you to master the conditions of your buildings. Use our expertise in all areas of building technology to manage your whole property in an efficient way and utilise the measured data in concrete transformation work. Get in touch and we will tell you how in more detail.


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