Keva's environmental strategy goals were achieved 2 years ahead of target


Over 550 000 €
annual savings

Environmental strategy
targets achieved 2 years earlier than targeted

objects energy management

 Our goal was to reduce energy consumption by 7% and water consumption in residential buildings by 10% by 2020. The results and indicators of the first year of energy management were encouraging. The identified energy saving potential was almost 17.5GWh and exceeded the set targets by more than 60%. It was calculated that about 6.5GWh would be realised during the first year. 

Petri Suutarinen, Keva's Real Estate Director

Objectives and needs

  • Development of energy management in real estate companies
  • It was hoped that a long-term partner would be able to support Keva's environmental strategy, achieve energy efficiency targets, and provide energy management services.
  • Keva's investment properties are committed to the new Energy Efficiency Agreement (ETS), which sets targets for improving energy efficiency by 2025.
  • The goals are to reduce water consumption by 10% in residential buildings, and energy consumption by 7% in Keva properties by 2020.
  • The Energy Act, which entered into force in 2015, imposes obligations on large companies for the continuous development of energy efficiency.


  • During the first year, Keva saved more than 550,000 euros by reducing the energy and water consumption of its properties through accurate remote monitoring and equipment upgrades.
  • The goals of Keva's real estate environmental strategy were achieved at the end of 2018, two years earlier than targeted.
  • Energy efficiency has been improved through continuous energy monitoring, energy mapping of each property, and effective remote monitoring of building automation.
  • Predictive maintenance of properties and communication with users is facilitated when Caverion's remote monitoring, used in more than 40 locations; a few locations also use 24/7 remote management and HelpDesk.

Keva is Finland's largest pension insurer, taking care of pension matters of the municipal, state, church, and Kela personnel. Keva covers a total of 1.2 million public sector employees and pensioners. Keva is responsible for financing the pensions of municipal personnel and investing pension assets.


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