Security Camera Systems increase the security of your property

Keeping large properties with multiple entrances and hundreds of users safe, user-friendly and…

Keeping large properties with multiple entrances and hundreds of users safe, user-friendly and efficient can be demanding. Modern security camera systems use machine learning, so you can easily detect any issues and keep property users safe.


CCTV – machine learning assists, warns, enables and protects

Modern CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras can use machine-learning to identify different scenarios and act on them. For example, security camera systems in a nursing home can identify when a person falls down and call for help. Similarly, security cameras can be used to identify approaching vehicles and visitors and to launch a visitor welcome protocol to guarantee your customers enjoy a smooth and risk-free visit.

CCTV monitoring can also improve the safety of both the property and the people working on the premises. Installing security cameras or even signs that warn about the cameras help prevent vandalism and burglary. Installing CCTV cameras in the right places ensures that employees are not left alone when performing potentially dangerous task.

You can also set up the CCTV to send an alarm if people are not using the correct safety equipment such as helmets, vests, protective glasses etc. on construction sites, industrial plants, platforms or other areas where safety equipment is required.

Combining CCTV with drones

Combined with drones you can also automate guard and patrol services or go to hotspots upon an alarm. This means that on your site you will be protected 24/7 without the need of people being physically present at all.

Drones equipped with CCTV are also a great way to monitor large areas such as forests, ports and airports, to provide early fire or intruder detection.

Good planning and maintenance extends the lifetime of your security camera system

When making plans for installing an advanced security camera system, consider the technical requirements regarding lighting and other conditions as well as the relevant regulation to determine the right equipment and installation points. Regular maintenance ensures full functionality throughout the lifecycle. Leave it up to us and your camera security system will run smoothly while you can concentrate on your core business.

We are a vendor-independent system supplier with a product portfolio that also provides a cost-effective service in the long term. We are a SSF1061-certified company for facility CCTV and our vendors include Lenel OnGuard, NUUO, Milestone, Bosch, Axis, Carrier.

Our services:

  • Selecting the optimal security camera system for your need
  • Planning and installation of CCTV systems
  • Repair and maintenance of CCTV systems
  • Retail of CCTV monitoring systems
  • Hosted video solutions

Leasing models reduce your upfront cost

You can also get CCTV monitoring services from us at a fixed monthly price. The contract covers the equipment, spare parts, on-site repairs and annual maintenance.


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