Sustainability targets reached ahead of time

Energy saving strategy creation supported by Caverion has identified and carried out more than 500 energy reduction measures

"We want to help our customers achieve their goals in reducing their carbon footprint.” Heikki…

"We want to help our customers achieve their goals in reducing their carbon footprint.”

Heikki Rostila, Vice President, Division Finland at Caverion.

Qualitative goal achieved

1st phase CO2 reduction targets set for 2020 achieved already by 2017


1800 tons decrease

In CO2 emission during first 2 years of partnership

1,9 million euros savings

Yearly energy costs since 2010

Customer needs

  • Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is one of the most important goals in Varma

  • Varma has set a goal to reduce the energy use of its properties by 10% by the year 2025

  • Reaching these goals reduces significantly also carbon dioxide emissions
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Varma paakonttori3 - web.jpg


  • Caverion is a partner for Varma providing property and energy management as well as technical maintenance and digital services in 42 properties (~600 000m2), since 2010

  • ~30 Varma’s of the largest properties nationwide are connected to Caverion remote services

  • Performance of the buildings and energy consumption levels are monitored 24/7 and adjustments done as needed

  • Caverion’s success is strongly tied to outcome-based KPI:s, and the partnership is managed by a dedicated Key Account Managerces significantly also carbon dioxide emissions

Varma Pension Insurance Company is one of the largest private investors and among the largest earning-related pension insurance companies in Finland.

In 2019, Varma paid out pensions in the amount of 5.9 billion euros to 343,700 people and made 22,340 new pension decisions. Premiums written amounted to 5.3 billion euros, and at year-end 541,926 people were insured with Varma.

In terms of turnover, Varma was the ninth-biggest company in Finland. In 2020 Varma had 900,000 workers insured by them.


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