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Cleanroom offers maximum control over the quantity of, for instance, airborne particles, temperature, relative humidity, air flows and differential pressure. Many industries need a controlled process environment for their production processes due to requirements set by regulations and/or industry agreements, such as the Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP. Creating a space that meets such demanding criteria requires specialised and experienced professionals.

How to create a certified cleanroom?

Follow this process with one trusted end-to-end partner to create the optimal cleanroom.

  • Conceptual design: The first stage in the process of developing a reliable solution is to analyse your future requirements to produce an overall design for the system. The experiences from the conceptual design process form the basis for the subsequent stages.
  • Basic & detailed design: During the design phase, your requirements are specified and you get a fixed-price quotation, schedule and agreement of the requirements of the project.
  • Turnkey installation: As your partner we supply the complete installation and ensure that all the functional requirements and system requirements for your cleanroom are documented and met.
  • Qualification and validation process: The qualification of the system and equipment is an important part of the validation process and is governed by the EU's GMP guidelines.In the case of GMP projects, Caverion can take responsibility for carrying out the final tests of the design, installation, functions and results.

Caverion as your reliable cleanroom partner for the challenging environments of the electronics, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology industries

Our extensive experience in the project management, design, construction and installation of cleanrooms guarantees comprehensive solutions, qualification and testing services for all kinds of scenarios.

Our turnkey solutions are designed to support you from the initial design phase right down to qualification and validation. This guarantees that the cleanroom will meet your business's needs for many years to come.

Meet GMP requirements by choosing the right products

A certified, long-lasting cleanroom is built from precision-built products made from high quality materials. Choosing products with a long lifecycle reduces costs in the long run.

CleanPlus is our comprehensive range of products for pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology industries, hospitals, operating theatres and other applications that require a cleanroom that is validated according to GMP and all other applicable cleanroom standards.

CleanPlus provide optimum control over the indoor environment and have a wide variety of different applications. CleanPlus products also comply with the highest standards of hygiene control, quality, flexibility, durability and total cost of ownership.

The smooth and impenetrable surfaces of CleanPlus products can be cleaned quickly and safely. They also have high levels of mechanical strength and are manufactured and installed with great precision.

The majority of the materials and all the components are manufactured in the Nordic countries. The use of state-of-the-art CAD and IT systems, prefabrication and customer-focused production allows us to offer short lead times, fast deliveries and quick installation processes. This means that your cleanroom will be up and running in no time.

Get in touch and let us build a long-lasting, easy to maintain cleanroom. Faster than you think.

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