Caverion Pyramid for versatile automation and monitoring

Caverion’s Pyramid automation system has been designed particularly for building automation and water utility applications and for applications where remote monitoring is required. The Pyramid comprises both the control centre and the application-specific substation and communications equipment.

Caverion Pyramid is scalable for both large and small applications and it can be easily expanded when the client’s needs grow. It can be used for the automation of systems in buildings, industrial facilities or water utilities. The system employs IP-based solutions for data communications. The data communications can be implemented in many ways: in the Client’s network, through a fixed connection delivered by Caverion, in a secure private mobile network, etc.

Pyramid control centre according to client’s needs

The Pyramid control centre is a SCADA-based solution with applications and representations for different uses.  With ready-made components and modern data communications methods, Pyramid can be used to build a control centre solution for buildings, water utilities or all compatible automation systems of an entire municipality, tailored specifically to the client’s requirements.  

The software includes standard libraries for common functions, expandable through project specific applications. The control centre application supports all Computec Technologies® system products and other standard solutions. It also includes interfaces to several property management systems.

Features of Caverion Pyramid

  • Uniform look
  • Diagrams with standard symbols
  • Full functionality both in main and auxiliary control centres
  • Standard control centre built on scalable modules
  • Includes drawing symbols for the various devices

Comprehensive reporting

Pyramid includes a comprehensive reporting tool. The reports are Excel-compatible. Data can also be transferred to external systems via an SQL database, for example.

  • Consumption report
  • Event report
  • Condition report
  • Alarm report
  • Leak report
  • Trend report

Several options for alarm transfer

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Network printers
  • Alerta