By machining quality to prefabrication

Machining improves the quality of prefabrication. Preparing the bevels by machining will significantly reduce the volume of the groove, shortening the time required for welding. Precision-machined bevels ensure successful welds of high quality.

We invest heavily in machines and technologies. Our equipment includes three state-of-the-art reamers suitable for versatile pipe prefabrication.

Our offering for machining

  • Bevels (v and w bevels) for welding
  • Perforations of chambers
  • Bodies of T-pieces
  • Saddle surfaces for pipe joining
  • Reaming (3 reamers)

Machine tools

  • Reamers
  • A manual and an NC centre lathe
  • Bevelling machines
  • Radial and vertical drilling machines

Machining operations are carried out as part of our pipe and element production at the Ylivieska workshop in Finland.