23.12.2013 Investor news

Caverion develops properties and reduce environment impact in Söderhamn municipal and Faxeholmen AB in Sweden

Caverion develops properties and reduce environment impact in Söderhamn municipal and Faxeholmen AB in Sweden

Caverion have signed an agreement with Söderhamn municipality and public housing company Faxeholmen AB to implement an energy service project according to the EPC model (Energy Performance Contracting). The project encompasses approximately 410,000 square meters of rental housing, schools, preschools and other municipal facilities.

- We are proud that Söderhamn municipality and Faxeholmen have chosen Caverion and the EPC model for the development of their properties, to improve the indoor climate and to reduce environmental impact. Hopefully, this will inspire other municipalities and SABO companies (Public housing companies) to use EPC to achieve environmental goals and develop its property portfolio, says Anders Fagerkrantz, Business Unit Manager at Caverion.

The decisions about the energy service implementations are taken in agreement. The project will provide the municipality and Faxeholmen with more modern properties and cost-effective facility management.

“We look upon this as a great opportunity to shift the focus away from property operating costs towards having more planned development strategies for its property holdings. Added to that, this energy service project means that we can set realistic environmental targets,” says Petri Berg, CEO of Faxeholmen AB.

“Söderhamn municipality has got high hopes that our partner Caverion will increase the municipal buildings’ efficiency. Entering into this type of EPC partnership takes a lot of courage. Caverion and Söderhamn are both demonstrating that courage so that every tax krona can be put to use,” says Lars Stål, Söderhamn municipality technical facilities manager.

Caverion starts in January 2014 by analyzing the property holdings. The aim is to establish savings and clarify the measures needed to reduce energy consumption, develop the properties and streamline operations. Thereafter, agreed actions and training are implemented. The last phase of the project includes follow-up and a result guarantee. If Caverion guaranteed objectives are not achieved, the municipality and Faxeholmen receive compensation from Caverion.

For further information, contact:
Caverion Sverige AB, Klas Tocklin, Regional Manager, tel.: +46 8 705 90 01, klas.tocklin@caverion.se
Caverion Sverige AB, Thomas Mattsson, Project Manager, Energy & Environment, tel.: +46 8 568 42 033, thomas.mattsson@caverion.se


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