17.10.2013 Investor news

Caverion will provide Kesko with maintenance services as well as nationwide facility control room and HelpDesk services in Finland

Caverion will provide Kesko with maintenance services as well as nationwide facility control room and HelpDesk services in Finland

Caverion and Kesko have signed a new cooperation agreement on maintenance services for Kesko’s outlets in the Helsinki region and nationwide facility HelpDesk and control room services.

According to the agreement, maintenance services include technical management, technical maintenance and care and the management of all facility maintenance services at approximately 130 Kesko sites in the Helsinki region, with a total floor area of almost 500,000 square metres.

The services of the facility control room include an alarm service for the sites connected to the control room and process monitoring via a remote connection. Approximately 150 properties across Finland are connected to the facility control room. All property-related service requests and fault notifications are submitted via Caverion’s facility HelpDesk nationwide for more than 700 Kesko retail outlets.  

Properties included within the scope of the service include K-citymarkets, K-markets, K-supermarkets, Anttila department stores, K ironmonger’s and VV car dealers as well as Kesko’s head office in Helsinki.  

- Caverion’s proven professional skills and solid resources are able to meet our needs related to normal maintenance as well as exceptional situations. Kesko’s long-term cooperation with Caverion will now continue. It will be easy to continue the collaboration with a trusted partner, says Jukka Anttila, head of Kesko’s maintenance unit.

Monitoring and managing the properties’ energy consumption play a central role in maintenance services. The facility control room allows the optimisation of the properties’ energy consumption and their efficient use. 

- Our cooperation with Kesko has continued for a long time, and we have jointly developed service and operational models. We have diversely utilised our extensive service in Kesko properties in energy management, technical maintenance and service management. The principle of our operations is that we do things right the first time, you can trust our people and the customer’s costs are kept under control, says Pekka Pöykkö, Business Division Director at Caverion.

For further information, please contact: 

Pekka Pöykkö, Business Division Director, Caverion Suomi Oy, tel. +358 400 618 151, pekka.poykko@caverion.fi
Jukka Anttila, head of maintenance unit, Ruokakesko Oy, tel. +358 1053 22958, jukka.k.anttila@kesko.fi

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