06.02.2017 Investor news

Caverion implements Total Technical Solutions for office and laboratory building in Dresden, Germany

Caverion and the construction company Bilfinger Hochbau have agreed on the project execution of Total Technical Solutions covering all building systems. The end-customer is Novaled, organic semiconductor manufacturer in Dresden, Germany. The contract includes the renovation of a historical office building and a new laboratory building and has a volume of approximately EUR 5 million. The work started in January and will be completed in March 2018.

The gross floor area of both buildings will total over 6,000 square meters. Caverion’s Total Technical Solutions for the buildings includes all technical disciplines, including Heating and Sanitation, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Cooling, Electricity, Information and Communication systems, Security and Safety as well as Automation. The new laboratory building will contain clean rooms which are classified as ISO7 and ISO5 and have demanding requirements concerning clean air solutions. They will be used for the research and development of materials for premium organic light-emitting diode (OLEDs) and organic electronics.

“Caverion has been our reliable partner for clean rooms and building services for a long time. Also other references in the high technology field speak in favour of Caverion,” says Gerd Günther, CEO of Novaled GmbH.

“In the Novaled project we can showcase our expertise in all technical disciplines. We have tightened our project management and our operating models make it possible to implement such a large-scale and demanding project," says Werner Kühn, Executive Vice President & CEO, Division Germany of Caverion.

Novaled is a leader in the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) field. Bilfinger Hochbau belongs to Caverion’s general contractors client segment.

Illustration: Novaled GmbH


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