21.02.2018 Stock exchange release

Caverion Corporation's Annual Report 2017 published

Caverion Corporation’s Annual Report 2017 has been published in English and Finnish at:

annualreport2017.caverion.com (in English)

vuosikertomus2017.caverion.com (in Finnish)

The online report provides information on Caverion’s strategy, business operations, operating environment and sustainability.

The Financial Statements for the financial year 2017, including the Board of Directors' report and the Auditors' report are published as a separate pdf document.

Caverion has also published its Corporate Governance Statement and Remuneration Statement for 2017 in English and Finnish.

The Financial Statements, Annual Report, Corporate Governance Statement and Remuneration Statement for 2017 are all available as pdf files as an appendix to this stock exchange release and at the material bank of the annual report or at our web pages caverion.com/investors. Caverion does not publish the annual report in printed format.


Distribution: Nasdaq Helsinki, principal media, www.caverion.com 


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