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01.07.2021 Investor news

Quality of execution and safety key criteria when Norwegian Bane NOR chose Caverion for a railway project

Quality of execution and safety key criteria when Norwegian Bane NOR chose Caverion for a railway project

A strengthened travel hub for travellers, better punctuality, and increased capacity is the focus for Bane NOR’s expansion of the railway in the Drammen area in Norway. Caverion received 10 out of 10 points for quality and implementation description in the offer and was chosen as the partner for Bane NOR, the state-owned company responsible for the Norwegian railway infrastructure in this railway project.

“These are KPIs we appreciate. In Caverion we focus on good results for our customers and their end users. That we received 10 out of 10 on quality shows that we were able to communicate our competence well, says Knut Gaaserud, Head of Caverion Norway Division.

The contract valued at EUR 36 million awarded to Caverion includes high and low voltage for electrical and telecommunications systems.

Executive Vice President for Development at Bane NOR, Stine Ilebrekke Undrum, confirms that results and implementation are important.

“It is true that Caverion scored high on quality in its offer. We have also noticed the company's commitment to sustainable deliveries. It is important for us at Bane NOR, as we aim to cut climate emissions by 40 percent within 2030,” says Undrum. She adds that Bane NOR has good experience from previous collaborations with Caverion in several large railway projects in Eastern Norway.

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“Making sustainability our primary business”

“Already today, we have a large share of our revenue coming from sustainable deliveries, within e.g. railway, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, energy efficiency, modernising buildings, and remote services – making sustainability our primary business. Our sustainability goal by 2030 is to create sustainable impact through our solutions, with reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (handprint) 10 times greater than our own GHG emissions (footprint). It is a goal I am proud of as Head of Division Norway, but even more so as the father of two children who will grow up in the environment we leave behind,” says Gaaserud.

The contract includes high-power and low-voltage electrical installations in a new tunnel from Drammen to Kobbervikdalen, tunnel installations, lighting and ventilation as well as technical installations in technical buildings, with both electric power telecommunications and ventilation, among others.

Caverion has a good experience with similar railway infrastructure projects in Norway in the past, from development projects between Lysaker and Asker on the Drammen line and the Vestfold line with the railway tunnel at Farriseidet.

From left: Renate Berget, district manager NCC Norge, Knut Gaaserud, division head Caverion Norway, Stine I. Undrum, executive vice president for development Bane NOR, Lars Tangerås, project director Bane NOR, Hanne A. Stormo, project manager Bane NOR, Ingvild Storås, CEO Baneservice.



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