17.01.2023 Press release

Caverion continues to maintain, monitor and optimise refrigeration equipment for retail chain Satakunnan Osuuskauppa in Finland

Caverion and Satakunnan Osuuskauppa, regional cooperative store of the S Group, have signed a service agreement for the maintenance of refrigeration equipment and units for approximately 30 stores and 10 restaurants and hotels in Western Finland. The agreement is a continuation of a long-standing cooperation and covers scheduled maintenance and repairs of refrigeration equipment as well as related 24/7 on-call service, remote monitoring and energy optimisation services.

In recent years, Satakunnan Osuuskauppa has invested significantly in upgrading the refrigeration equipment in its stores to CO2 refrigeration. Caverion's services ensure a long lifecycle and energy-efficient use of the equipment while minimising maintenance costs.

"Well over half of the products sold in our food stores are chilled or frozen, and it is therefore extremely important to us that the refrigeration equipment works perfectly at all times. We have already upgraded and will continue to upgrade our refrigeration equipment to the most energy-efficient models possible. We need professional maintenance and optimisation to achieve even stricter energy efficiency standards. Caverion has been the best choice and partner for us in the region," says Jussi Kaartinen, Head of Department of Satakunnan Osuuskauppa.

Caverion refrigeration automation is a technology and service package that combines refrigeration systems with an intelligent management system. It is used to optimise the operation and energy efficiency of the entire refrigeration.

"Our long cooperation with Satakunnan Osuuskauppa has been successful. We have continuously developed our operations towards the wider use of digital services. The latest development is a cloud service that provides our customers with up-to-date information on the energy consumption of their refrigeration equipment," says Jonni Moislahti, Head of Maintenance Services, Energy and Refrigeration at Caverion Finland.

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More information: Jonni Moislahti, Head of Maintenance Services, Energy and Refrigeration, Caverion Finland Oy,  jonni.moislahti@caverion.com, tel. +358 40 180 6221 Kirsi Hemmilä, Communications Manager, Caverion Finland Oy, kirsi.hemmila@caverion.com , tel. +358 50 390 0941 Jussi Kaartinen, Division Director, Satakunnan Osuuskauppa, jussi.kaartinen@sok.fi, tel +358 50 388 3045
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