01.06.2023 Press release

Caverion’s and Finnair's partnership continues with new agreement

Caverion’s and Finnair's partnership continues with new agreement

Caverion will continue as Finnair's partner in the technical maintenance of the properties at Helsinki Airport. The agreement covers around 15 properties with a total area of more than 130 000 m2 and continues the cooperation started in 2007.

"Finnair's operating environment has changed a lot in recent years. Caverion has been able to respond flexibly to our new needs and together we have developed new ways of working, processes and tools," says Arne Ziessler, Finnair's Head of Facilities.

Caverion is responsible for the preventive maintenance and repairs of the building systems in the properties. The properties are connected to Caverion's remote centre and Finnair has access to the Caverion SmartView platform, which enables smooth operational processes. The cooperation has developed maintenance operations and ways to improve cost-efficiency by modernising processes.

"We are happy with our long-term partnership with Finnair. During the years, we have learned the specific characteristics and requirements of air transport. We have tailored our operating procedures and individual work activities to best support Finnair's own operations," says Raimo Ojanen, Vice President, Caverion Finland

Technical maintenance analyses, ensures and optimises the operation of technical systems. Smart maintenance solutions enable predictable and safe maintenance and operation of the building. The technical disciplines in the building stay in good condition for a longer period of time and operate in an energy-wise way.

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