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17.04.2023 Press release

New patent for Caverion SmartView – digital customer platform monitors building performance in 18,000 properties

New patent for Caverion SmartView  – digital customer platform monitors building performance in 18,000 properties

The digital customer platform Caverion SmartView enables its users to see at glance how their building is performing. Caverion SmartView is already utilised in over 18,000 buildings across Europe, and part of its technology is now protected with an additional patent.

The patent was granted for the key element in the Caverion SmartView: data transfer between the sensor clouds and the SmartView cloud and for the way this data transfer can easily be activated or deactivated.

“The goal of our innovation development is to help our customers to optimise the operations of their properties and to save energy. Caverion SmartView utilises multiple methods to monitor indoor air quality, temperature, and occupancy in the facilities, and more. Various sensors and clouds are used to collect this information and Caverion SmartView brings it all seamlessly together,” says Tuomo Härkönen, Head of Digital Service Solutions at Caverion Group.

“All actions in Caverion SmartView are transparent, and our maintenance expert can easily activate and deactivate sensors. This kind of feature is exceptional, and the patent is a great recognition for this flagship technology and our digital expertise,” Härkönen continues.

Digital products play a key role in optimising the building conditions, sustainability, energy consumption and 24/7 remotely monitoring.

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