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Manage both cooling and heating with the Caverion Energy Centre

Manage both cooling and heating with the Caverion Energy Centre

CO2 -emissions from buildings account for almost 40% of all CO2 emissions. Reducing your building energy usage will at the same time pave the way for a carbon neutral world. Increase energy efficiency and reduce costs As the price of energy is expected to rise, energy consumption has become a priority for smart buildings. Within energy consumption, heating and refrigeration play an important role and therefore is an opportunity for optimization . This is possible with the Caverion Energy Centre. With smart monitoring  and help from the Caverion Huurre iTOP automation solution , we can help manage the heating and refrigeration of your complex, together with the rest of your technical installations.    Sustainable refrigerants The Caverion Energy Centre  uses environmentally friendly and sustainable refrigerants like CO2, which allow you to minimize the carbon footprint of your building, and pave the way for a greener future. It is a holistic solution for both cooling and heating a property with the minimum amount of electric power. Dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce sem urna, consequat vitae dolor quis, lobortis ultricies enim. Vestibulum laoreet vehicula massa, sit amet ultricies arcu ultricies posuere. Pellentesque scelerisque ullamcorper magna blandit ullamcorper. Nunc molestie, quam et rutrum mattis, nibh velit congue quam, iaculis vulputate dolor dui vitae lectus. Fusce viverra felis vel velit volutpat pulvinar. Nunc sagittis nec neque quis interdum. Sed eu magna arcu. Move towards a self-sustained building in terms of energy Without compromising the user experience and conditions, the Caverion Energy Centre can utilize the energy potential of whole complexes by managing the heating and refrigeration along with the remaining building systems. This enables buildings to be self-sustained in terms of energy and makes district heating redundant . Alternatively, the Energy Centre can feed the excess heat generated by the system to the district heating network. Key benefits Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Vestibulum hendrerit risus non quam rhoncus, et tempor risus faucibus. Morbi nunc justo, luctus porttitor nisl id, varius ultrices enim. Ut congue justo sit amet ligula venenatis tempor. Sed egestas sollicitudin mi, et lacinia quam mollis ac. Mauris volutpat, nulla at interdum laoreet, lectus velit accumsan libero, semper vestibulum nisi eros non felis. Etiam feugiat tortor vitae vehicula commodo. Nulla commodo lorem eget commodo auctor. Sed pellentesque quis risus in vehicula. Pellentesque porta enim nibh, sit amet aliquam lorem tincidunt sed. Get in touch and let us help you optimize the management of your building and reduce costs for the entirety of your complex life cycle.  Ebook Vestibulum ultricies ullamcorper mattis. Etiam consequat risus magna, eget molestie elit maximus a. Sed fringilla efficitur tempus. Nulla vel sollicitudin libero, sit amet cursus ipsum. Maecenas feugiat laoreet ligula vel mattis. Vivamus interdum tempor tellus. Fusce eu dolor luctus lacus interdum fringilla pharetra accumsan risus. Phasellus ut justo vel felis efficitur tempor. Do you want to know more? Contact us