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Products Huurre Eco multicompressor CO 2 refrigeration units are for use in industrial and large commercial applications, such as cold rooms and supermarkets: For freezing and chilling applications Standard refrigeration unit capacities from 0,5 up to 1000 kW, higher capacity upon request The largest range of CO 2  solutions since 2016, all of them proven by multiple installations 1-stage and 2-stage with simple intercooling or with open flash tank, cascade and booster units for combined low and medium temperature High efficiency due to innovative circuit design Reliable and tested components Specific design for efficient heat recovery Special versions based on customer request Mini Used in shops, hospitals, kiosks, pharmacies, small kitchens. Single compressor units Cooling capacities: LT 0,5kw - 18kw (-29) MT 1,5kw – 22kw (-7) Transcritical + subcritical modes Minibooster Used stores and kitchens. Booster units Cooling capacities: LT 1kw - 10kw (-33) MT 1kw - 25kw (-7) Midi Used in retail stores, hotels, air conditioning, and small kitchens. Booster units Cooling capacities: LT 3kw - 24kw (-33) MT 26kw - 80kw (-7) AC 20kw, 40kw Maxi Used in retail stores, food storages Booster units Cooling capacities: LT 18kw - 80kw (-33) MT 80kw - 280 kw (-7) AC 40kw, 90kw, 140kw Chiller & Ice Used in ice rinks Single stage flooded units Cooling capacities: Standard products 100kW - 1000kW Heat Pump Industries, building heating, spas, etc Single stage transcritical unit Cooling capacities: Standard products 100kw - 1000kw   Custom On request case-by-case Unit types: Booster, single circuit, Pumped CO2, Gravity/flooded CO2, etc Large capacities, examples: LT up to 300kw (-33) MT up to 1000 kw (-7) Do you want to know more Contact us