Clear sustainability targets

We are committed to make a difference in sustainability together with our customers in line with our strategy and purpose: enabling performance and people’s wellbeing in smart and sustainable built environments


We have 3 focus areas with ambitious targets 

We are a forerunner in holistic building and industrial lifecycle solutions that support our customers and society.  We aim for our positive climate impact to be 10 times greater than our Scope 1-2 carbon footprint by 2030. 

Key Performance Indicator 2019 status 2025 target
Our carbon footprint is defined and measured 66% 100%
Our offering has a defined carbon handprint - 100%
Carbon handprint / footprint (Scope 1-2) >1 times greater 5 times greater


Main actions

  • Managing existing properties with a life-cycle approach: We optimize the life cycle costs and sustain the performance of the building.
  • Reaching carbon neutrality goal: We improve our own and customers’ energy efficiency and the use of renewables in the built environment.
  • Increasing capabilities: We train our employees to be qualified ambassadors and advisors for making businesses more sustainable.
  • Ensuring customer value: Our solutions create sustainability related value.
  • Minimising waste and emissions: We continuously develop new disruptive smart & green technology innovations.
  • Developing smart sustainability and reporting: We offer smart readiness indicator (SRI) consulting, Smart Solutions and Caverion SmartView and support fact-based investment decisions.


Our employees have strong competences in their areas and have clear focus on execution and development of our sustainable business.

Key Performance Indicator 2019 status 2025 target
Accident frequency rate: LTIFR  5.3 <2
Share of female employees % 11% 15%


Main actions

  • Fostering physical and emotional safety, equality and transparency and feedback and accountability by leadership: We take actions to improve safety and equality.
  • Building culture on strong promise of sustainable and high-quality delivery, working together with diverse team and enabling continuous learning and personal development.

We have 100% visibility on our key suppliers’ sustainability and success in sustainable supply chain management. Our business is managed in a sustainable manner and we have established a solid ground for sustainable business throughout our value chain.

Key Performance Indicator 2019 status 2025 target
Supplier Code of Conduct sign-off rate (%) 55% >90%
% of employees trained in sustainability 50% 100%
% of tenders that include sustainability criteria 0% 100%


Main actions

  • Enhancing transparency: Sustainability (inc. safety) practices, targets and responsibilities are clearly communicated to all employees and suppliers and they actively participate in the sustainability work.
  • Relying on responsibly managed service chain: We guarantee responsible value chain by service management, processes and Code of Conduct.
  • Providing a healthy and safe working environment: We want to make sure that people return home healthy after a day’s work.