Caverion Intelligence in use on galvanising line in Hämeenlinna, Finland


SSAB has a leading position in high-strength steels and related services. SSAB’s Hämeenlinna steelworks produces advanced high-strength galvanised steel for customers in the automotive industry.

Since 2019, Caverion Intelligence has been used to reduce disturbances and ensure production process stability on the continuous galvanising line at the site.

Goal: minimal disturbances, highest product quality

By optimising the production process, the Hämeenlinna steelworks wanted to minimise the number and duration of disturbances across the galvanising line and to ensure the highest product quality. This was accomplished through the Caverion Intelligence Anomaly Detection service, which uses existing process data in combination with advanced machine learning for early detection of anomalies across the whole process.

Easy maintenance with machine learning

Caverion Intelligence is a high-performance machine learning service that analyses plant process data to detect all types of anomalies in the process. Automatic early detection of emerging issues, like equipment faults or abnormal process parameters, helps maintenance to proactively prevent loss of capacity, waste, and quality issues.

Advanced machine learning can process high-resolution data and thousands of measurements in real-time. It dynamically detects issues by combining the various data points, thus understanding process characteristics like line speed and product. The system learns automatically from data and from user feedback, ensuring continuous adaptation to process changes.

The easy-to-use web UI allows O&M to effectively investigate and analyse process data and understand what is happening. The automatic alerts produced by the monitoring service are investigated daily.

Caverion Intelligence helps maintenance teams detect possible production issues early and ensures a smooth operation.

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