Ardning tunnel - monitoring control room



data points

monitored tunnel structures


  • Monitoring the 25 tunnel structures currently in place on the A9 – a heavily-used North/South transit corridor of a total length of 103 km. The 25 tunnel structures are made up of 31 separate tunnel tubes with a total length of 43.4 km.
  • Use of process control technology which can be flexibly adapted to subsequent expansion stages, including all peripheral devices
  • Highly complex converging of 102,000 data points – and counting
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  • Caverion has secured the contract for all stages of the development and expansion of the Ardning tunnel monitoring control room in the field of process control engineering, and to accompany the installation of the technical building systems. Right from the start of the planning phase, the Ardning control room has focused on the phased interconnection of new tunnel structures on the A9.
  • Large projection screen with 16 monitors, which can be switched on to any chosen camera of the Austrian motorway and highway network and controlled from the control desk.
  • In-house development of video stream connection and control software.
  • The building technology equipment fitted in the control buildings has to comply with the highly stringent safety requirements that come with 24-hour operations, and backup systems in case of system failure.

ASFINAG, which is wholly owned by the Republic of Austria, is responsible for the country’s 2,200 km top-tier road network. Due to the topographical features of Austria, a major part of its work is tunnel construction. In order to comply with the extremely stringent safety requirements in place, ASFINAG is creating a state-of-the-art tunnel monitoring control room system, which will cover the whole of Austria.


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