Electrical installations and maintenance work at the Kevitsa mining site


Caverion has been a partner in the Boliden Kevitsa mine in Sodankylä for electrical installation and maintenance projects since the mine was established. Caverion provides expert staff for the needs of the mining site as well as additional staff for urgent work.

Reliable installation projects safely and quickly

Kevitsa regularly needs electrical professionals for projects, and Caverion's experts have been a part of the mine’s operations since its opening.

"Electrical safety is an important aspect to us when choosing partners," says Petri Koivula, an engineer at Boliden Kevitsa's electrical department. "The staff from Caverion are skilled and familiar with official guidelines, so we can be sure that installations are done safely, in accordance with installation standards."

Electrical installations are often done on a tight schedule, and it is important that projects or the operation of the mine are not affected by delays in electrical work. Caverion will provide the necessary personnel for the projects to ensure that the installation and maintenance work gets done on time.

Close collaboration in Sodankylä

We have been involved in various successful projects at the Kevitsa mine for a decade.

"Over the years, Caverion has proven to be a very reliable and skilled partner, both in terms of the personnel and the organisation," says Koivula.

The cooperation has been fruitful for both sides, thanks to the positive workplace culture of the Kevitsa mine, which encourages immediate interaction between contractors and Kevitsa's own staff. Koivula says that they aim to promote a culture where contractors feel welcome. "From the start, our contractors have been welcomed in the break room just like our own staff – it’s important for us to ensure that contractors are treated equally and everyone is comfortable."

“The working environment in Kevitsa is very pleasant and we have managed to put together an excellent team of knowledgeable staff there. Succeeding in projects requires a good team – the expertise of our installers is the reason why we have kept receiving new projects in Kevitsa, ”says Tuomas Postila, Caverion's project manager.

Electrical installation, variable frequency drive maintenance and automation projects

Over the years, we have provided the Kevitsa mine with variable frequency drive maintenance, pipe heating solutions, and building and automation electrical installations. Thanks to our life cycle expertise, we are able to offer the customer a range services from design to implementation and long-term maintenance.

The maintenance of variable frequency drives is a job that requires special skills. Caverion is an authorised partner of Danfoss and we have performed maintenance, troubleshooting and configuration work for Vacon frequency converters at the Kevitsa mine. The use of an authorizsd partner ensures that the work is done properly and the equipment works as it should.

In addition, we do electrical installations and cabling with long experience. For example, the electrical work and automation electrification of Kevitsa's new 14-megawatt Myllyhalli mill is carried out by Caverion. Safety and reliability are crucial at Kevitsa, and due to our long-term partnership and expertise, the customer can be confident that they will receive the necessary installation services effortlessly from us. 

Professional installation work and flexibility for industrial projects

Above all, our long cooperation is based on mutual trust and the expertise of our staff.

"I appreciate the dedication and professionalism of Caverion's installation staff. The quality of the work has always been good," says Koivula.

We offer our customers an extensive service portfolio and flexible support for their changing staffing needs. Our presence in difference areas across Finland guarantee that skilled, local staff is available for projects even at short notice. Our customer-oriented attitude supports long-term partnerships and success at work.

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